15 Beautiful & Chic Henna Tattoo designs

15 Beautiful & Chic Henna Tattoo designs

Henna is created using a natural dye extracted from the leaves of a henna plant. It can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks! Adorn your hands, feet, shoulders and back with this stunning traditional tattoo medium!

1. Large Ornate Back Design

This elegant and intricate design on the upper back is beautiful! Tie your hair up and show it off – the only downside is that you won’t get to see it as much as you may like!

2. Mehendi Hand Design

This traditional bridal design with dainty details is perfect for your big day!

3. Elephant Hand Design

Take a walk on the wild side with this unique elephant design.

4. Gold Metallic Design

This gorgeous gold design looks amazing with a tan! A great look for a festival!

5. Floral Thigh Design

The thigh’s the limit with this fantastic floral tattoo, show it off on the beach or at the poolside!

6. Circular Foot Floral Design

Match your BFF with these adorable ankle adornments!

7. White Heart Hand Design

Henna doesn’t always have to be dark, be on trend and try this pretty heart-shaped style in white.

8. Elegant Full Sleeve Design

This detailed and impressive full sleeve henna tattoo is dreamy, pull out your sleeveless items from your closet and have the ultimate summer accessory!

9. Anklet Design

No need to wear jewelry with this amazing anklet style design, pair with your prettiest sandals to be the envy of others!

10. Sole of The Foot

Put your best foot forward with this oh so stylish sole of the foot tattoo!

11. Finger Edge

This cute covert tattoo is gorgeous! Match with stacked rings to turn up the style.

12. Shoulder

You certainly won’t give the cold shoulder to this terrific tattoo!

13. Negative Space

This design uses negative space to create a modern twist on a traditional design. Experiment with squares, circles and floral patterns to try this trending tattoo!

14. Lower Leg

Fingers crossed for skirt weather for these lovely leg tattoos!

15. Lace look

More of an optical illusion than a tattoo, these amazingly detailed lace style gloves are in fact all henna ink! A great look if you fancy a unique design!

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