Drinking Green Tea and Puer Tea to help lose weight has been widely accepted by the Chinese over centuries and is finally catching on in the West as issues related to obesity and concerns over weight loss are becoming more prevalent. Like many Chinese traditions that took centuries before they become popularized in the West such as acupuncture and Taiji, tea drinking has quickly gained traction and is highly recognized by medical experts from across the globe due to the health benefits from tea, including polyphenols, flavenols and catechins.

So why can tea magically help you lose weight? In fact, it’s not magic at all. In the case of Green Tea, it is full of polyphenols, which are properties that remove fatty substances from the body. Additionally, Green Tea contains caffeine, which helps increase the secretion of gastric juice. Polyphenols and caffeine in green tea can increase the gut’s ability to decompose fat, reduce blood fat levels, resulting in quickened weight loss.

Moreover, the aromatic compounds in green tea essentially dissolve fat and prevent fat from accumulating in the body. In addition, the vitamin B1, C and caffeine found in green tea can promote the secretion of gastric juice, and help digestion and fat removal. Foliaceous saponin found in green tea also aids in losing weight as well.

Drinking green tea before workouts can also help you increase your fat-burning results simply due to the caffeine in the drink. Caffeine gives you a boost of energy, which may help you work out for a longer period of time. That’s why many athletes take high-caffeine drinks before games. Many studies have found that caffeine’s effects on sport-specific endurance are more effective before exercise in moderate quantities for improving endurance. Studies have shown that green tea can help women and men burn 17% more fat in a 30-minute cardio workout if dean beforehand.


Puer Tea can produce beneficial bacteria in the fermentation process, which leads to faster weight loss. There is a certain amount of polyphenols and catechins in Puer tealeaves that also produce weight loss effects. Puer Tea acts like a sponge for fat cells and increases the rate at which the body burns fat and dissolves oily substances due to the catechins, Additionally, the polyphenols found in Puer help prevent cancer and regulate blood pressure and sugar in addition to boosting metabolism and help burn fat


The polyphenols, sugar, amino acids and pectin in black tea can stimulate saliva, which helps reduce thirst in the heat. To add to that, caffeine can also help regulate body temperature. Caffeine and aromatic substances help increase blood flow to the kidneys, and dilates the kidney vessels, allowing lactic acid, uric acid and other wastes to be excreted more quickly. Imagine getting a new oil change, but for your body’s health-that’s how we think and experience black tea in relation to understanding its weight loss and overall health benefits.


Understanding the Science Behind Tea and Weight Loss

Tea LeavesCatechins are a type of antioxidant most densely found in tea leaves that also improve digestion and reduce fat absorption They are also found in other foods such as red wine, chocolate, berries, and apples but are most prevalent in Green Tea and Puer Tea followed by Oolong tea, white tea and black tea.

There has also been extensive medical research from China regarding other benefits from catechins in tea, such inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition to this, they are able to prevent the activity of free radicals- the molecules that cause cellular damage that can lead to cancer. Catechins are also the main elements that help reduce blood pressure. They can also reduce blood fat and help reduce the risk of getting arteriosclerosis.


The method of losing weight by drinking tea is emerging all over the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, with even Oprah inviting leading doctors on her show to speak about the health benefits of tea. Doctors from Web MD, Doctor Oz, and many leading academic institutions are all researching tea, coming to the conclusion it is one of the best natural substances on earth for overall optimized health. Weight loss is but one benefit tea gives the body in addition to disease prevention, improved skin and reduced risk for cardiovascular disease.


The teas recommended on this site are all dedicated to weight loss, fat reduction and overall healthy living. For the quickest results in your journey to weight loss, Green Tea and Puer tea are our top two choices. For warmer climates or seasons, Green Tea is the better choice while during colder seasons Puer and Black Tea is recommended. Oolongs meanwhile are nice anytime of the year and are a nice change of flavor from Green Tea and Puer Tea while white and black teas also make for a good choice in addition to their disease prevention capabilities.


teaIf you like lighter tasting teas, we recommend any of the Green and Oolongs listed on this site whereas if your taste buds are looking for something thicker, amber tasting or earthy tasting, Puer tea or black tea may be what you are looking for instead.

There are many ways to drink tea, including tea bags, sachets and loose-leaf tea. Drinking 1,000cc a day can produce amazing benefits and drinking tea warm or at room temperature is best, as Chinese medicine theory believes drinks should be no colder than blood temperature in order to keep the organs healthy, hence the reason almost all drinks in China are served warm. However, you certainly won’t be hurt if you want to make some ice tea with these leaves and we have various tips on how to do so as well.

At Weight Loss Teas, we also run a blog that discusses the latest news and health benefits related to tea in order to broaden your knowledge of the subject matter. Lastly, we also have a Healthy Living page dedicated to foods and drinks we think supplement a healthy lifestyle focused with an emphasis on weight loss.

Tea has so many benefits and we are thrilled to share them with you here. Seeing the benefits from tea over the last 10 years and how it has transformed our lives and the ones around us is what prompted us to create this site. We know there is something here that you can benefit from, and are eager to see how your life can benefit from tea as well.