7 Day Diet and 3 Day Diet

February 18, 2019

7 day diet is another famous diet of the fad diets. Though succesful results are seen in few cases, the lost weight may get back soon. Too rapid weight loss is dangerous. So be careful when going for such fast weight loss diet plans.

It’s a very low calorie diet that results in fast water and lean muscle loss.
How the 7 day diet works? Dieters are given strict instructions of the diet plan

  • Monday: All fruits except bananas
  • Tuesday: Eat all types of green leafy vegetables, season vegetables with soya sauce
  • Wednesday: Eat all fruits and vegetables except bananas
  • Thursday: Dieter can have some 2-3 bananas and some milk
  • Friday: Eat four servings of beef, chicken, or fish (3 ounces per serving) and fresh vegetables.
  • Saturday:Eat 4 servings of beef steaks (3 ounces each) and/or fresh vegetables
  • Sunday: Eat 4 servings of beef steaks with some fresh vegetables.

Rate of weight loss is too fast and the lost weight can get back at the same rate. 7 day diet is a short term solution to weight loss which is in a way risky, patients of diabetes, blood pressure ahould not opt for such diet plans.

3 Day Diet

3-day diet increases metabolism rate by creating certain reaction with the diet allowed in three days. The reaction burns the fat at higher rate. The diet is repeated after being off from diet for two days. The restriction are really very difficult to follow. Remember rapid weight loss is hazardous in many ways. 3 day diet is a starving low calorie diet. The dieter is left with less energy due to this low cal diet.

Here is how the 3-day diet works.

  • Breakfast: Cup of coffee without sugar, half toast, half banana, 1 egg is allowed
  • Lunch: Cottage cheese and 8 regular saltine crackers
  • Dinner: 2 beef franks, half banana, a cup of broccoli, half cup of carrots

Better options are available to choose from. Balanced nutrition diet with exercises is the right way to lose extra fat.