Rate of Weight Reduction

February 19, 2019

Dieters, obese must know the time period of losing some pounds. Many diet plans tell you very fast weight loss, whilch is unhealthy and the lost weight goes up again after dieter starts eating a little. The rate of weight reduction thus is important to maintain weight to a desired for long term.

The ups and downs in weight is also not healthy. Using some diet pills in addition to a particular diet plan helps for first few days, in which, body fluids are drained that shows a weight loss. This is really dangerous. The very important thing is we must burn the calories that we consume. The extra fat is the result of unburnt calories, mostly carbohydrates, which are not burnt away get transfered to fats.

It is really difficult to provide with exact rate of weight reduction. The weight loss and keeping the weight to a desired goal is the life time necessity. So, losing weight in a short span will not help. See our diet plan for information about daily diet and some famous fad diets. The basal metabolism rate changes from person to person which is very slow in an obese.

The balance of some minerals like Sodium also affects the rate of weight loss. Due to carbohydrate intake is decreased, the sodium gets eliminated from body, water is also drained off the body due to this. This happens in initial stages where rate of weight loss is rapid but when sodium levels are maintained the weight loss is very slow. Fast weight loss results into loss of vitamins and minerals, which are very essential for our body. Be sure not to deprive your body of nutrients.

Fasting to reduce weight

Many experiments have been carried out to check whether fasting helps in weight loss. The rate of weight reduction depends solely upon the difference between the calorie intake and calorie burning. Thus fasting does not help in losing weight but this deprives the person from essential nutrients.

It has been proved that fasting without physical activity helps very little. Weight reduction is possible only if the calorific output overtakes the calorific intake. Also it has been observed that when a person subsists on 800 cal food, the weight loss was more than those who undertook fasting. In such a diet fat cells are destroyed.

However prolonged fasting decreases fat cells in the body. It is advisable to undergo for prolonged fasting under medical attention. It is necessary to check the level of uric acid, urea, electrolytes, hydrogen ion concentration. During prolonged fasting, the blood pressure goes down and process called ketosis occurs.

During the period of fasting, the body gets little minerals and vitamins, which is not at all desirable. Therefore one has to stop fasting some day, then again weight gain starts. Experts say thus fasting doesn’t serve the puropse. During fasting, it is necessary to ensure adequate intake of water, lemon juice etc.

Who should reduce weight and who should not?

Obesity is major cause of premature death these days. That’s why people in the middle age group or young should lose weight if they are obese or over weight. Moderate obesity in the early age can lead to many grave diseases like hyper-tension, diabetes, heart diseases. If cholesterol level exceeds 220 mg % cholesterol, it is considered to be dangerous. For people with this much cholesterol level it is imperative to reduce weight.

Obesity removal is a basic condition for removing health of all those who are severly obese.

The excess fat that gets accumulated over the years, is difficult to remove. Obesity in childhood is yet another major problem. Parents of obese children should know more about balanced diet, diet plans, everything about weight loss in general. The obese children should cultivate the right eating habits in such cases and parents need to look into the eating habits and life style of the children.

Unnecessary extra rich diet should strictly be avioded by obese and regular warm up sessions, exercises, complete control on high calorie diet, fast food be practised. The weight loss programs are advised for obese, but under medical care. Patients suffering from other diseases should veryt carefully opt for a diet plan and should consult physical trainers before going for exercises.