Low Carb Diet

February 21, 2019

Carbohydrates are known as the fuel of the body. Sugar and Starch are the two forms in which carbs are categorized. The function of carbs is to generate heat in the body. But carbs lack other nutritents that are required for our body. When food intake is in excess, with the lack of physical activity, the result is obesity or excess fat due to slow metabolism rate.

Carb foods: grains, edible roots, sugar, jaggery.

Thus rate of metabolism of a fat person is not that proper to burn all the carbs. The rate of metabolism is less in an obese and thus the carbs are not burnt and get accumulated as fat. The low-carb diet helps the rate of metabolism go higher and thus resulting into weight loss. Carbohydrates increase insulin content and other hormones that regulate enzymes, that leads to storage of fat.

As the name suggests, it consists of very low carb intake daily as low as 20 gms per day. Thus taking less carbs daily, in other words you starve yourself and fat gets burned in the metabolism process.

Food Items that should be avoided in Low-Carb Diet are:

Potato, sugar, pasta, rice, fruits.
Thus in low-carb diet, metabolism helps you get rid of excess weight in a way that is natural but one must be very careful in intake of carbohydrates.If the dieter is suffering from High Blood Pressure, then one should not go for low-carb diet to reduce weight but choose other diet plans prescribed by dietician. Also those who are suffering from some disease or undergoing treatment should aviod this low carb diet.