St. Patrick’s Day for Kids – Fun Activities –

St. Patrick’s Day for Kids - Fun Activities -
St. Patrick’s Day for Kids – Fun Activities – 

There is no better way to celebrate the fun of St. Patrick’s Day than 

by joining in with some fun games. Kids will love the idea of celebrating this fun holiday, and winning some fun prizes at the games as well. Whether you are helping with a school age party, or want to celebrate at home, you should keep in mind, that it is important to make sure that the games match the attention span and skill level of the participants. 

Best of all these games are easy to put together, don’t require anything too hard to find, and can be prepared well in advance of the party. For some fun prizes be sure to hit the discount or party store beforehand and stock up on St. Patrick Day themed prizes.

If you are stuck as to what to give out remember that every kid (no matter the age), loves gold-foiled covered chocolate. 

Here are some fun games that you can do on St. Patrick’s Day for kids-

Pin The Shamrock on the Leprechaun-This classic party game becomes just right to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with.
What you will need:

Leprechaun picture(the biggest you can find)
A green shamrock for each player. (The winner can be determined more easily if every shamrock has tape on the back and the child’s name on the front.)
A handkerchief or scarf to cover their eyes
Game Instructions: You will need to blindfold each player, give them a spin and then have them try to press the shamrock on closest to the leprechaun’s head. The winner is the one who sticks their shamrock the closest.
Gold Coin Toss-This is a great way for the kids to burn off that extra party energy.
What you will need:
Large cardboard pot.  This can be made using a large box. Draw a pot on the outside of the box. Cut a large hole in the center of the pot, for younger kids, or a few smaller holes if the kids are older.
Gold circular bean bags (gold coins)
Bucket to hold bean bags
Tape to mark distance line
Game Instructions: Set the cardboard  “pot” down the desired distance from the kids. You may want to use the tape to determine the distance line. Keep in mind the skill level and age of the children. Make sure that each child has the same amount of turns to get the bean bags through the holes. For anyone who gets all of their bean bags through the holes, give them a gold-foil covered chocolate as a reward.
Pictionary with a St. Patrick’s theme-This popular game can be adapted to fit the holiday. This works especially well for pre-teens and teens, who like this game to begin with.
What you will need:
Papers with St. Patrick’s day objects written on them

Game Instructions: Write down several St. Patrick’s Day words on the slips of paper and place them into the hat. Make two teams by dividing the kids up. You can flip a coin or choose a number to see who goes first. Have the first player from the playing team come up to the chalkboard, draw out a slip of paper, and get ready to write. When the timer begins, have the child begin drawing clues on the board, for their teammates.
A point is scored, if the guessing team, guesses correctly, before the timer runs out. If they cannot guess the correct answer, then the other team has five seconds to try and guess the answer. They score a point if they can correctly guess and it is now their turn to play. For younger players try using words like: gold, rainbow, pot, while older kids can take on the challenge of short phrases such as: pot of gold, luck of the Irish etc.
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