How to get a Strictly hot body!

This year we want a hot body like dancing queen Camilla Dallerup.

The 34 year old has a figure most of us would die for – yet she admits that she’s always had her own insecurities. In fact, she reveals that this series of Strictly Come Dancing was the first time she’s felt comfortable showing off her stomach on screen.

“I’ve finally got the confidence to wear a two-piece outfit,” Camilla confesses.

“Although my stomach wasn’t fat, it was never toned, so I didn’t feel confident showing it. But now I’ve finally managed to get a six-pack and I’m happy for people to see!”

But Camilla’s impressive abs aren’t the result of hours spent doing stomach crunches. Life’s far too short for that. No, all she did was perfect a dance routine that not only gives you a washboard tum, but is good fun to boot. And being the giving type, Camilla has agreed to share her six-pack secrets. Ladies, Christmas might just have come early!

“It’s actually a full-body workout, but because I’m really toned all over apart from my tummy, I found it worked really well on my abs,” she explains.

“Along with a healthy diet, if you do 50 minutes of my dance routines three times a week, you’ll easily tone up and drop a dress size in a month.”

Strictly’s Camilla Dallerup top weight-loss tips

Dancing has been Camilla’s life since she started lessons aged just two and a half, back in her native Denmark.

“My mum thought it would be a good way to build my confidence before I started school,” she says. “And she was right! I loved it all – jazz, ballet, but most of all Latin.”

By 13, she was winning national competitions, and when she and her dance partner and then boyfriend, Brendan Cole, 32, were spotted by Strictly Come Dancing scouts four years ago, they were considered one of the best 12 dance couples in the world. The rest is history.

And while she recently wowed us every week with her fancy footwork, partnering Holby’s Tom Chambers, 31, Camilla is keen to point out that the dance routines on her new DVD aren’t so complicated.

“Even if you have two left feet you can do it,” she laughs. “It contains a warm-up, cool down and 12 different dance sections set to a variety of tempos such as the jive, mambo or cha-cha. This means your body is constantly working hard all over and burning calories.

“It doesn’t matter if you never manage to master the routines perfectly, you’ll definitely see results as long as you put the effort in. And if you haven’t got time to do the full workout, just dip in and out.”

Getting the chance to bring out her own fitness DVD is a dream come true for Camilla, who’s currently dating actor Kevin Sacre, 30, who used to play Jake Dean in Hollyoaks.

“I used to work in a fitness centre when I was younger and loved watching the aerobics classes,” she says. “I always thought it must be so much fun to do – and now I’m finally doing it myself.”

One thing that really matters to Camilla is that her workout isn’t about getting skinny.

“I think that women are beautiful whatever their shape. What’s important is that they are healthy and toned,” she says.

“Not everyone wants to be a size zero, but I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t like to lose their bingo wings!”


If you get hungry, eat – just make sure you choose the healthy option, likea handful of cashew nuts.

Exercise is the key to never g oing hungry. Don’t deny yourself – just burn off the calories.

Have the odd glass of wine or chocolate bar – if you’re eating healthily, it won’t matter.

Cha-cha workout


Stand tall with shoulders rolled back, arms loosely at your sides. Step left foot forward.


Kick right leg behind you, keeping foot flexed. Stretch arms towards the ceiling.


Bring your arms down. Twist your waist as you kick right foot forward.


Now reverse the move – walking forward on right foot.


Raise your arms and kick left leg behind, feeling the stretch in your thigh.


Twist to the left, bringing your right arm in front. Repeat routine five more times.