Healthy weight loss is a gradual process. Remember that you did not develop those pounds all of a sudden. Similarly it will surely take some time before you shed a major portion of it. But of course in order to speed up the process you can make some positive changes in your lifestyle. These changes will help incorporate more healthy activities in your daily routine.
However it is easier said than done. Most often than not a person’s most formidable barrier to change is her own psychology. The pressure of managing family and work life and other such stress makes them assume that such lifestyle changes are so very difficult to make. Also the fear of failure holds many people back from taking that positive step. But remember if you take these small measures in your life you will reap its benefits in the long run.
Here are some tips which you can follow to lose weight permanently. This may initially seem difficult to start but once you get adjusted and see the results it will be a life long habit for you.

-Firstly take an honest look at your current lifestyle habits and list out those areas that need changing. Remember you are the best judge here. You know exactly what you do all day long, what makes you feel better and what makes you uncomfortable. Accordingly you can make small realistic changes that you can carry out with ease. Review them on a weekly basis.
-Select a food item that you eat regularly. Substitute it with a low fat variety. Try eating small and frequent meals.
-Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Avoid junk food and do not eat out often.
-Do an assessment of your eating style. Do you eat when you are stressed or angry? Do you eat while watching television?

-Identify the situation which leads to overeating and try to rectify it. Like if you tend to munch on excess cookies while watching television in the evening, just avoid it. Choose an alternative like walking in your garden during that time. This will make you feel a lot better eventually.
-Replace junk food with your favorite healthier foods a little at a time. In this way you will not be forcing yourself rather you will start enjoying your new food habit.
-Reading food labels to track your calorie consumption is good. But do not get too obsessed with it. Instead adjust your eating habits in such a way so that you roughly eat as per your body’s caloric requirement.
-Look at things that you do everyday. You may be staying close to your place of work but still choose to drive. This should be strictly avoided. Instead you should go either walking or biking to work. Also you can take the stairs instead of the elevator. These steps may seem small and inconsequential to you but this will go a long way in losing those unwanted pounds. It is best to plan your daily activities and stick to them.
-It is important to monitor what time you get up each morning and what time you go to sleep each night. Remember the saying -Early to bed and early to rise makes a man (and woman) healthy, wealthy and wise.” Staying up late or not getting enough sleep is not good for your health.
-Smoking and drinking alcohol are two habits that are damaging to your health. If you cannot quit them at one go try to minimize them. Take the advice from a specialist before you quit them. He will guide you in the best possible way. Else you may develop some complications.

-Deal stress in a healthy way. When you are stressed take a walk in your garden or indulge in some activity that will divert your attention from the situation that is causing you stress. Talk to your friend, do some cleaning or listen to light music.