Points to remember while exercising

Exercise is essential for a healthy living. However, many exercisers make mistakes that not only compromise the effectiveness of their workouts but also increase their risk of injury. Here are a few tips that should be followed by all exercisers while working out.

Check the credentials of your trainers

Before joining any fitness center it is advisable to check the credentials of your instructor. Inquire about his educational background and years of experience. Check how successful he has been in his career as a trainer. You should also check out whether a certified nutritionist is there to advise you on matters of diet. If you have any problems like diabetes or blood pressure or arthritis consult a specialist before you take up exercising.

Do not overwork

When you start your exercise routine it may be tempting for you to try out too much too fast. But remember to keep it within your comfort zone. If you overwork your muscles will get injured easily and will feel sore for a considerable time after a workout. Breathe regularly while exercising. If you feel unwell stop immediately and inform your instructor.

Be realistic

If you are significantly overweight then it is unnatural that you will be slim in just a few days time. Instead be patient and adhere to a regular exercise regimen. You can start with simple ones like walking or swimming and then graduate to strength training and others. Walk at a brisk pace and not in a leisurely manner. It is normal to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Also you should weigh yourself only once a week. Set realistic, measurable goals so that you will be motivated to achieve them.

Make your workouts interesting

Instead of sticking to a particular plan change your schedule from time to time. For example if you have been walking for too long try out swimming or cycling for sometime. It will not only exercise your other muscles but will also be fun to try out something new. Listen to your favorite music or read a book while riding the stationary bike. Add extra workouts into your routine every fortnight. Stand while talking on the phone. This is a simple step but will add to your efforts of reducing those unwanted pounds.

Use appropriate attire

Use comfortable clothing and supportive shoes while exercising. For example wear layered clothing during winters for layers trap heat more effectively. Also you can peel off the layers as necessary when you get warmed up. You should preferably wear loose fitting clothes and strictly avoid those that fit tightly. Apply petroleum jelly or talcum powder to sensitive areas. In this way friction will not be a problem for you. Choose properly fitting shoes so that they do not pinch you while you are on the move.

Warm up and cool down

For best results, warm up for 5-10 minutes initially. Again stretch for about 10 minutes before your workout. Never stretch before warming up a little, as cold muscles will tend to get injured. To cool down, gradually decrease your intensity and speed and finish your workout with another 10-15 minutes of stretching. Here emphasis should be given on those muscles that you used heavily during your workout.

Have enough water

Drink plenty of water. Before starting your exercises have at least two cups of water. Keep having water during your workout also. In this way you will not be dehydrated. Avoid sports drinks and energy bars if you are working out for less than an hour. Those are only required when you exercise for over an hour.