March 13, 2019

Because the cabbage soup diet is associated with high fat burning properties, it’s really well known as a quick fix that will help you lose weight quickly.

This low calorie diet is based on a soup that burns down fat and is very low in calories. As the consumed soup quantity raises the more calories are burned. But careful, the risk of malnutrition is present, as this diet is low in calories.

Avoid alcohol, bread and soft drinks. As long as the weight loss program that you follow is under medical surveillance, it can’t have severe consequences.

The Cabbage Soup

Ingredients: grated or grounded cabbage, 2 big grounded onions, a canned tomato, 2 capsicums, 4 celeriac, 1-2 vegetables cubs, black pepper, fresh herbs (dill, parsley), 6 carrots sliced, 250 g green beans.

Put all vegetables in a bowl together and fill them with water. At the boiling point, add the soup cubs and boil further for 10 minutes on low temperature. Add the pepper and herbs.

Day one: Eat only fruits and as much soup as you wish. Drink only sugar free tea, black coffee, huckleberry drinks or water.

Day two: Eat fresh or boiled vegetables (avoid peas, corn and dry beans), for supper you deserve a big potato with butter and naturally cabbage soup. Do not eat fruits!!

Day three: You may eat vegetables, fruits and soup. Don’t eat potato.

Day four: 8 bananas, milk and a little soup. On this day you’ll need the carbs and calories from the bananas and the milk.

Day five: boil 300- 500 g meat (chicken, fish or cutlet) in the juice of 6 fresh tomatoes. Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water and a portion of soup.

Day six: 2-3 cutlets with fresh salad or vegetables (no potatoes included) and at least one portion of soup

Day seven: boiled rice, fresh vegetables legume and sugar free juice – and at least once soup.

Experts don’t agree with this diet, labeling it as a vegetarian mania, based on eliminating water from tissues. “Cabbage doesn’t burn fat”, says Xavier Pi-Suyner, MD, manager of Obesity research Centre of Roosevelt Hospital, St’ Luke. He also relates: “Soup makes you filled and inhibits the appetite”. On the other hand, those who follow this diet complain of nausea, dizziness and swelling. “If you eat two courses in a day during a special diet, you most probably achieve weight loss. It doesn’t have to be cabbage, any kind of low calorie soup will do”, says Dr. Pi-Suyner.