Two dead in Hengelo: everything indicates family murder, youngest son arrested wounded

October 21, 2019

Two bodies were found Monday morning in a house on the Julianalaan in Hengelo (Gld). That reports the police. It is based on a crime. It is probably a man and a woman. Their youngest son has been arrested as a suspect. A neighbor says he heard a scream this morning and afterwards a lot of police. According to neighbors, there is a family that has two sons.

The youngest lived at home. Whether the found bodies are from family members is not known. According to sources, this morning the son reported to the emergency department of Slingeland Hospital in Doetinchem. There it would have come to a skirmish. A spokesperson for the hospital confirms that there has been an incident, but cannot say anything about it due to the privacy of those involved. The man is in the hospital with injuries.

The police have investigated a car with a red-white ribbon around it. That car has since been towed. The police claim to have arrested a suspect who had reported to the hospital. The police do not want to confirm that this is a son of the family. That it concerns a resident of the house in Hengelo. According to those involved, the youngest son of the family is depressed and has been at home for years. He used to play soccer with Pax. In recent years he has shown himself less and less in the village, they say. The father of the family has its own design office in Doetinchem. In the village he is known as a “very friendly man”, always in a good mood. The man was a member of touring club Keiaosers and cycled almost every weekend. Local residents speak of a “normal family”.

The environment of that home is trimmed with red and white ribbons. That area was enlarged around 9.45 am. The police are investigating. Investigators from the Dutch Forensic Institute are also present. The house where the bodies were found is on the edge of the village in a quiet neighborhood. Neighbors are excited.